About Us

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Motodesign was established in the early 80's in the U.K. During the past 30 years we have worked with many of the best known helmet brands around the world, including: AGV, Nolan, Bell, Scorpion, KBC, Sparx, Marushin etc.

During this time we have developed our skills and made real advancements in techniques and materials, which put us above all other helmet design and paint studios.

Our in-depth knowledge and abilities in waterslide transfers, ink release systems, hydro-graphics and printed decal technology is without a doubt the most advanced in our industry.

With our extensive experience in helmet manufacturing techniques and real hands on helmet design and developement at all levels - a vast knowledge of the manufacturing processes, testing methodology and safety standards around the world (SNELL - DOT - ECE - BSI - JS) Having spent a huge portion of our time working inside many of the top helmet factories and R & D facilities in Europe and Asia.

Motodesign is not only the foremost helmet graphic studio in the world, with over 500 production graphics produced in mass production. But also offers a full Product Design and Development service, including market research, concept, styling, 3d engineering and prototyping.

Motodesign works primarily with helmet companies and manufacturers, but also welcomes inquiries from members of the public and professional or amateur racers.

We look forward to hopefully being of service to you and creating for you an outstanding product or design.